Why is construction estimating essential for a successful project?

Construction estimating is the process of assessing all the costs of a project such as indirect costs, over heads and direct costs to ensure a profit margin. The purpose is to create a construction estimate that accurately details knowledge of construction materials, price trends, techniques and specifications to be used when bidding for construction projects. We are here to help, our construction estimating team is underpinned with years of industry experience and knowledge to assist you with new builds, refurbishments or additions. We provide all types of construction estimating including preliminary, detailed, quantity, bid, and control.

A1 Services Top 5 Tips

1. Estimating should always be the first and final step in understanding a project’s viability before starting

Accurate estimating is key to the success of your construction project. From pre-construction to completion a cost estimate breaks down the scope of your project ensuring its overall profitability and feasibility.

2. An estimate can be the difference between a project running under or over budget

The accuracy or inaccuracy of an estimate can make or break a business’ profitability. An initial cost estimate is crucial to determine whether a project is feasible within an owner’s allocated budget. Our team of construction estimator will give you the security that you have enough funding for your project and won’t be forced into cutting into your profit margin through determining your indirect, direct and overhead costs.

3. Over-order and under-order of materials is a common problem in construction – a detailed estimate goes a long way to preventing this from happening

Construction estimating can map out your project’s timeline! A cost estimation determines your resource allocation for each stage of development. Our team of estimators, scrutinize every detail to provide you with a fully rated Bill of Quantities or itemised breakdown to suit your cost plan.

4. Forecasting a construction schedule and staying on track is much more achievable accurately with quantified labour, plant and materials

This is why we are trusted experts in the estimating space. Our team can undertake the programming of works, procurement schedules, vetting of subcontractors, pricing and advice on subcontractor management for you to take your stress away. We recently assisted our client, Inner City Building, with a seamless experience doing estimating work for a 9 x townhouse complex in Lake Macquarie, NSW.

5. Estimators often come from all different construction backgrounds (trades, administrators, project management, supervisors) – they have a very robust understanding of how buildings and projects go together!

Getting an estimate from our team of qualified estimators is invaluable for your company. A successful business understands that estimators have expertise in different professions and areas of the construction process allowing for a more comprehensive assessment.

With expert technical knowledge & years of experience we can provide comprehensive construction estimates, tendering packages and rated bills of quantities. Regardless of the size of your residential or commercial project, A1 Services can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your build.

Please reach out or visit our Construction Estimating section for more information.