At A1 we believe in a practicalapproach underpinned withexperience and knowledge

At A1 we believe in a practical approach underpinned with experience and knowledge

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A company invested in people, partners & community. Driven by exceptional outcomes.

Our Teams

The  A1 team, despite being separated by location, are proudly unified by a nurturing & ambitious culture. This is driven daily by employee enthusiasm, excellent standards and team success. 

Our experienced Project  & Property Managers, Assessors, Estimators and Quality Assurance Superstars, work together avidly to deliver exceptional results. 

Staff engagement & wellbeing is looked after by a dedicated ‘Head of Vibe’ in each office, ensuring we have all the benefits and attributes that lead to being a great team and employer.

Our Leadership

Passionate about building exceptional teams and exceeding client expectations, our leadership team is dynamic, hands on, and invested in the outcomes for our clients. With a wealth of knowledge, skills and industry experience, each member has a strong desire to lead our team to success.

Tom JordanChief Executive Officer

With over 18 years experience in the commercial and residential construction sectors, Tom has proven industry expertise in the fields of estimating, building and construction consulting. Having built an expansive network of industry stakeholders across the country, combined with his big picture thinking, Tom is the visionary leading A1 Services to consistently deliver quality outcomes for partners, teams and communities.

A determined focus on staff wellbeing, enhancing company culture, enriching communities and building lifelong relationships, A1’s Founder provides the unique qualities and energy that make A1 Services great.

Fiona TrewhittChief Operating Officer

Leading large teams for over two decades, Fiona’s experience in developing people and enabling them to reach their full potential while progressing their career has transformed from a job to a great passion. 

Well versed in the practice of driving high performance and managing accountability, Fiona guides project teams to sharpen efficiencies, refine skills, and contribute cohesively to deliver quality work. Collaboratively working with staff and the leadership team, Fiona adds valuable strategic insights into growth and performance whilst retaining a focus on building and maintaining a winning culture.

James WinstanleyExecutive General Manager

An accomplished industry professional, James brings over 16 years of experience in Property and Construction, including proficiency as an Estimator, Project Manager, Development Manager and Director across Australia and the UK. Leading teams of Project Managers, and responsible for strategic planning and overall delivery of major projects, James creates value for clients and partners, and excels at building high calibre relationships across the sector.

James’ background covers all facets of the development cycle and with substantial site-based experience on complex projects, he brings strengths in problem solving, critical decision making and risk management. Qualified in Planning and Design, James’ successful track record includes managing project teams with 80+ projects under management at any one time, leading a statewide program covering 7,000 properties, and development approvals with a total value of over $3 billion.

Our Values

Our values reflect our three fundamental assets; our approach, culture and outcomes.


Work with tenacity and hunger. Find a way to work through any obstacle with  expert thinking, tactical planning and limitless ambition to get the job done right.


Every project is an opportunity for growth in individuals, teams, partnerships & communities. Nurturing group excellence to develop well rounded professionals, strong relationships and purposeful impact.


Efficiency is built from expert ability. Cutting corners never yields a richer outcome. Tailoring best practice knowledge to deliver outcomes completely, efficiently and always.

Our Community Impact

At A1, we are committed to delivering positive outcomes for the communities in which we work and the communities in which we deliver services. With an understanding that people are at the heart of everything we do, our team is aligned with the purpose of delivering lasting benefits to our clients, local communities, and communities impacted by natural disasters. 

More broadly, A1 practices corporate social responsibility through our responsible supply chain management, reducing environmental impacts, supporting fair labour practices and human rights, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

In addition to community contributions, we offer a small range of pro bono services to organisations delivering important community work. To find out more about our pro bono work, email us at

We contribute to a number of community and charity organisations who deliver important community services and support to people in need.